Powerdirector for PC – Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

PowerDirector is one of the most powerful video editing applications which helps to edit your videos with high resolution. The power director video editing application provides all you need to create effective videos. It is completely free to download you can easily download it from Google Play Store when you are using the PowerDirector video editing application on your Android device. It is a cross-platform support PC Windows. PowerDirector video editing software you can also make slow-motion videos on your PC Windows.

Different versions of PowerDirector video editing software are available in the internet market. We provide the full information about PowerDirector for PC how to edit your videos using the PowerDirector application. This tech-solve guide provides answers to all your queries related to technical apps and also a big guide on how to use applications on PC. Using this guide and you will get details about PowerDirector for PC.

What is PowerDirector?

Everyone wants to edit their own videos to make them more attractive and effective. Lots of video editing applications and software are available in the Google Play Store and the internet market. PowerDirector is one of the best video editing tools that provide all you need to make creative videos.

It provides more than 500 side effects, 100 track timelines to organize your movie, powerful audio tools, 3D supports, support all formats of videos including HD resolutions and BluRay. Using this Application you can directly upload your videos with social media like Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram. You can also remove noise from your audio file and add text to your images and videos.

PowerDirector is the most trending video editing software for PC. A different version of PowerDirector is available on its official web page. You can easily download any version of PowerDirector and install it on your PC. Once you install PowerDirector video editing software on your PC then you can enjoy all the features which are listed above. It also provides you CyberLink 25GB cloud storage.

So you can easily store your videos in cloud storage and upload it on social media. Using smart filters you can stabilize your shaky camera work. It also supports 360 degrees in video editing. It is one of the unique features of the PowerDirector video editing application.

Why we go for PowerDirector?

Of course, lots of video editing applications are available in the Google Play Store. Most of the video editing applications for not fulfill our work. Only a few video editing applications are very suitable for our device. So it is very difficult to find the best video editing application on your Android device. Lots of lightweight video editing applications for available in the Google Play Store free of cost.

PowerDirector is the best video editing application among all other applications. It is a very user-friendly and simple interface. You can easily customize the video editing tools. Using this application you can do anything you want. It provides lots of pictures and more than 500 effects. You can easily edit your videos with more creativity and attractiveness so without any hassle, you can download and install PowerDirector video editor on your PC Window as well as your Android smartphone.

Features of PowerDirector for PC:

Several features of Available in PowerDirector for PC but we mention the best features of it. We also provide a guide on how to use PowerDirector on your PC Windows. Continue to read this article and you will get more information about PowerDirector. Now let’s see the Features of PowerDirector for PC.

  • First of all, it is completely free to download. You can easily download the application from Google Play Store.
  • It provides more than 500 effects and lots of stickers.
  • It also provides a 100 track timeline which helps to organize your movies.
  • Support 3D animation effects.
  • Remove the noise from your audio file adds your own audio to the background of the video.
  • Add text to your images and videos.
  • Provide powerful video editing tools that help to create more attractive videos.
  • Support all formats of videos including HD and Blu Ray. So you can edit your high-resolution videos.
  • Using the speed control option you can make slow-motion videos.
  • Also, provide 25 GB of free cloud storage. So you can easily save your videos on cloud storage.
  • Support for importing and editing 360 degrees of videos.
  • You can directly upload your videos on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

These are the best features of PowerDirector for PC. So you can download the latest version of PowerDirector on your PC Windows and edit your own videos with more attractive using these amazing video editing tools.

How to use PowerDirector for PC?

Most people know very well about PowerDirector for PC but they don’t know how to use it? How to edit videos using PowerDirector for PC? Here you find all the answers to your queries. We provide very simple steps to edit your own videos using this PowerDirector for PC. It is a very simple step to edit your videos using this software.

Download the latest version of PowerDirector from its official website. There are different versions of PowerDirector available on its official website. Based on your requirement you can download and install any version of PowerDirector video editing software on your PC Windows.

  • Install the PowerDirector video editing software on your PC.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the installation process of PowerDirector based on your system configuration.
  • Just open the PowerDirector video editing software and customize the video editing tools.
  • Click the new file to start your video editing process.
  • Just the drag and drop option you can select the video which you want.
  • Now you can trim your video, crop your video, and also use add text on YouTube videos.
  • We already mentioned the features of PowerDirector for PC. So you can use above all the features when you start your editing process.
  • Finally, you can save your videos on your disc and also cloud storage provided by CyberLink.

How to download PowerDirector for Android?

  • It is a cross-platform application so it is available on both mobile and PC.
  • The Android user can easily download the PowerDirector video editing applications from Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Store and Just type PowerDirector on the search bar.
  • Now click the install button and agree on the terms and conditions to complete the installation process.
  • Now open the PowerDirector video editing application on your smartphone and select the video which you want to edit.
  • That’s it. You can use all the features of the PowerDirector video editing application and make creative videos.

We hope this article very helps to get information about PowerDirector for PC and how to use PowerDirector for PC? If you have any queries related to this article just feel free to ask us.

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