Messenger lite For PC – Free Download and Install On Windows/Mac

Originally, Applications like Facebook Messenger lite were not made for PC and Mac. But now, it can easily be manipulated to use messenger lite for PC and Mac. It would be vital to learn how to use an app made for smartphones on a computer, mainly if you use your computer as your primary device and you have a lot of apps you would like to use on your computer that are not available for pc.

We will be showing you how one could easily download the Facebook Messenger Lite app on one’s PC and how one can run the Facebook messenger lite app on their pc using an emulator.

About Messenger Lite For PC

This app is mainly an app for sending people messages. It works just like the traditional Facebook Messenger app but with limited features, so it does not take up as much data and a smaller amount of space. This app is just about 10 MB, which is way smaller than the regular Facebook Messenger app, so you can download messenger lite for pc without worrying about the app taking up much space on your device.

Facebook made the messenger lite app to provide you with the main components of the standard Facebook messenger app. This comprises features like texting, sending stickers, voice calls, videos or photos, links, and voice notes but excludes other sophisticated features.

Messenger Lite For PC

The app works on a Mac book or PC just like it would work on your mobile device. It is directly connected to one’s Facebook, so one can be connected to friends from one’s Facebook page when using the Facebook Messenger app. It can also be linked to one’s contact to connect easily with friends from their contact list on Facebook.

Also, one could receive a message request as a friend request but sent as a message. Replying to such a message automatically gets you connected with that person. Message requests filter messages that you receive from random people you are not connected with on Facebook.

The messenger lite for windows and the messenger lite for mac are mainly for those who don’t have enough space on their devices. Also, it is for those in areas with an unstable or poor internet connection or those with limited internet data. The App is faster and runs smoother since it is much lighter than the main Facebook Messenger app.

Can You Run Messenger Lite on Your PC, Windows, and Mac?

Yes, you can. Now, this may sound like something that may be difficult to achieve. It may also seem like it would require a  great deal of computer knowledge to achieve. But you can get messenger lite download for pc relatively easily using an emulator.

A computer program that allows one computer system to behave like another is an Emulator. It emulates, just as the name implies. thus this gives one access to software or programs that may not be designed initially for the computer

What Is the Difference Between Messenger and Messenger Lite?

We have said earlier that the Facebook messenger lite application works similarly to the regular Facebook messenger application. So, it has the key features of the main app. Both apps, although  similar, have some significant differences, which include;

  1. Differences in features

While the main Facebook Messenger app has many features, messenger lite has just a few basic features. The features present in messenger but not in messenger lite include Games, bots, Gifs, and animations. Also, the main messenger app has the advantage of video calls.

  1. Storage

The main Facebook Messenger app takes up greater storage space in a device. The main Facebook messenger takes up a storage space of about 220 MB, but the Facebook messenger lite takes about 25 MB. The bulk of space used up by the Facebook Messenger app makes the app run slowly in comparison to the lite app, which is relatively quick and much more efficient.

  1. Data Usage

As expected, the original app would use up more data than the lite version. Its numerous features also play a significant role in its large data usage. Making a video call on its own will consume so much data. This applies to the other components of the regular app.

The Facebook messenger lite being stripped of the majority of the Facebook messenger features will utilize less data. This functions well even if one’s device has a shaky connection to the internet.

  1. User interface

Everything about the lite app is easier than its counterpart. The lite app is easier to navigate than the regular messenger version. With only the basic features available, the messenger lite is thus not cramped with too many activities that would make the user find it difficult to navigate.

How to Use Messenger lite for PC using Android Emulator?

Running the Facebook Messenger lite app for PC is relatively easy once open.

If one is using the Bluestack app,

Navigate to the list of apps and look for the Facebook messenger lite app you have already downloaded. Launch it by clicking on it.

For Nox,

Open the Nox app, and all downloaded apps will appear on the screen. Click on the app to open it.

Once open, one can use the messenger app almost like one would on a mobile phone. The major distinction would be in the application’s layout, as the contact list would appear on the right, while ongoing chats would appear on the left.

1. Method Of Download & Install messenger lite Using Bluestack

Bluestack is an example of an emulator. It was launched in October of 2011. it a very popular app, and it is relatively easy to use. Below are steps on downloading and installing the messenger lite app using bluestack.

Method Of Download & Install messenger lite Using Bluestack

  1. First, download and install the bluestack application for PC
  2. Launch the bluestack once installed
  3. Once installed and launched, you will view the home page.
  4. Select the Google play store app. If Google play is not found on the home page, click on the Game Center app on the home page and download the Goole play store app
  5. Once the google play store app is opened, look for Messenger Lite: Free Calls and Text Messages.
  6. The Google play store app works just like the mobile app, so click on install and have the App installed.

2. Methods for Downloading and Installing Messenger Lite Nox’s

Nox is yet another well-known emulator. The steps for downloading Messenger Lite using Nox are listed below.

Methods for Downloading and Installing Messenger Lite Nox's

  1. Download and install the Nox emulator app on your computer.
  2. Once installed, launch the App
  3. Sign in to your Google account
  4. When you sign in and open the App, search for ”Messenger lite: free calls and messages” on the App on the Google play store app
  5. Download and install messenger lite.

Messenger lite Main Features

Some of the components of messenger lite include

  1. Sending of text messages
  2. Sending of photos
  3. Sending of voice notes
  4. Sticker message feature
  5. Works very well in areas with unstable internet
  6. Relatively easy user interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you go dark on Messenger PC?

Going dark on your Facebook messenger lite app is just the same as that for your mobile phone. Select the small dot beside the picture on your profile or click directly on the image on your profile. This opens up settings. Next, turn on dark mode.

Is there a Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10?

Recently, Facebook launched a stand-alone Facebook Messenger app for windows 10 pc.

Which is best, Messenger or Messenger Lite?

This depends on a lot of factors. These factors would include your type of phone or computer, the stability of the internet connection in your area, storage space available on your phone or computer, and availability of internet data such that neither is better than the other. It all just depends on the above-listed factors, which would guide you in choosing which to use.

Is it safe to use Messenger Lite?

The Metaverse company, formerly known as a Facebook group, ensures that chats are safe by encrypting text messages. This essentially makes it extremely difficult for a third party to see a user’s conversations. However, such security measures are not automatic like other platforms such as WhatsApp, so you would have to activate it.

Can I use Messenger Lite Without Facebook?

You cannot run the Facebook messenger lite app without a Facebook account. Your messenger lite would have to be linked to your page and profile for it to work. So to utilize the messenger lite app, you would need to register on Facebook.


If you ever hoped for an opportunity to utilize your PC or Mac as your primary device in accessing the Facebook Messenger lite app and any other android only or iOS only application you love, this is a candid opportunity. This write-up puts you in a position to do just that. So relax and enjoy every component of the messenger lite for PC, once reserved for mobile phones.

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