How To Get The Sound Of Music Achievement In Minecraft?

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, offers players a wide range of achievements to unlock, each providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. One of the most sought-after achievements is the “Sound of Music,” which showcases a player’s musical prowess in the virtual world. Earning this achievement requires a combination of creativity, exploration, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics.

To obtain the Sound of Music achievement in Minecraft, players must craft and play a note block with the highest pitch possible. This achievement not only demonstrates a player’s ability to navigate the game’s complex crafting system but also highlights their appreciation for the musical aspect within the Minecraft universe. By discovering and experimenting with different materials and notes, players can create unique melodies and harmonies that will resonate throughout their virtual world. It’s an opportunity to showcase the creative potential that Minecraft offers in both gameplay and music.

How to Get the Sound of Music Achievement in Minecraft?

How to Get the Sound of Music Achievement in Minecraft?

The Sound of Music is an achievement in Minecraft that challenges players to play a specific tune using note blocks. This achievement adds a fun and creative element to the game, allowing players to showcase their musical talents. To obtain the Sound of Music achievement, players must follow certain steps and have a basic understanding of how note blocks work in Minecraft. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of getting the Sound of Music achievement in Minecraft.

What is the Sound of Music Achievement?

The Sound of Music achievement is a challenge in Minecraft that requires players to play any tune on a note block. Note blocks are a type of block in the game that can be “tuned” to produce different musical notes. By placing note blocks in a specific pattern and activating them, players can create a custom melody or replicate known songs. The Sound of Music achievement encourages players to experiment with note blocks and create their own unique tunes within the game.

Obtaining the Sound of Music achievement not only showcases players’ creativity and musical skills but also adds a personal touch to their Minecraft world. It allows them to create music-themed structures or even transform their entire world into a virtual orchestra. Additionally, achieving this milestone provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for players, as they master the mechanics of note blocks and compose their own melodies.

Now that you understand what the Sound of Music achievement is all about, let’s dive into the steps you need to take to obtain it in Minecraft.

Step 1: Gather Resources

Before you can start making music with note blocks, you’ll need to gather a few key resources. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Crafting table
  • Note block
  • Redstone torch
  • Music discs (optional)

The crafting table is essential for crafting and combining different items to create the note block. You can craft a crafting table using four wooden planks arranged in a 2×2 grid. The note block itself requires eight wooden planks, which can be obtained by converting logs using a crafting table. Redstone torches are used to power the note block and allow it to produce sound when activated. Lastly, music discs are optional but can add pre-recorded tunes to your note block creations.

Make sure you have all the necessary resources in your inventory before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Crafting the Note Block

Now that you have the required resources, it’s time to craft the note block. Follow these steps:

1. Open the crafting table by right-clicking on it.

2. Place eight wooden planks in a square shape in the crafting grid.

3. Drag the crafted note block into your inventory.

Congratulations! You now have a note block that can be used to create music in Minecraft.

Step 3: Placing the Note Block

Next, you’ll need to find a suitable location to place your note block. Consider the following factors:

  • Accessibility: Make sure the note block is easily accessible so you can interact with it.
  • Visibility: Choose a location where you can see and appreciate the aesthetics of your note block creation.
  • Acoustics: Experiment with different areas to find the best sound quality.

Once you have found the perfect spot, follow these steps to place the note block:

1. Select the note block in your inventory.

2. Right-click on the ground or any surface to place the note block.

Now your note block is set up and ready to be used.

Step 4: Activating the Note Block

The final step in getting the Sound of Music achievement is activating the note block to create music. Here’s how:

1. Right-click on the note block to open its interface.

2. Click on the musical note icon at the bottom of the interface. This opens the note block editor.

3. Experiment with different placements of blocks within the grid to create your desired melody.

4. To play the tune, right-click the activated note block.

Voila! You have successfully created music using a note block in Minecraft. Enjoy the sweet melodies and admire your musical masterpiece.


The Sound of Music achievement in Minecraft adds a unique creative aspect to the game. By crafting and utilizing note blocks, players can compose their own tunes and create a musical atmosphere in their Minecraft world. The process involves gathering resources, crafting the note block, placing it in a suitable location, and activating it to produce music. With a little experimentation and creativity, players can achieve the Sound of Music milestone and showcase their musical talents in Minecraft.

Achieving the Sound of Music in Minecraft

If you are a fan of Minecraft and want to earn the Sound of Music achievement, follow these steps:

  • First, collect a jukebox by gathering 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond.
  • Next, obtain a music disc. Music discs can be found in dungeons, mineshafts, or by killing creepers.
  • Place the jukebox on the ground and right-click on it to open the interface.
  • Drag the music disc from your inventory into the jukebox interface.
  • Once the disc is playing, you will earn the Sound of Music achievement.

The Sound of Music achievement is a fun way to add music to your Minecraft world. Enjoy the melodies!

Key Takeaways

  • Mine a jukebox using a diamond or higher tier pickaxe.
  • Craft a music disc using a diamond or higher tier pickaxe and a music disc recipe.
  • Place the music disc in the jukebox to play music.
  • Listen to all 12 different music discs to unlock the Sound of Music achievement.
  • Collect additional music discs by exploring dungeons, temples, mineshafts, or trading with villagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know how to get the Sound of Music Achievement in Minecraft? Look no further! We have compiled a list of common questions and answers to help you achieve this milestone in the game.

1. What is the Sound of Music Achievement in Minecraft?

The Sound of Music Achievement is an achievement in Minecraft that you can earn by playing a music disc in a Jukebox while a hostile mob is nearby and aggroed on you.

To unlock this achievement, you must locate a music disc, place it in a Jukebox, and then provoke a hostile mob to attack you while the music is playing. This achievement adds a fun challenge to the game and rewards you for your musical skills and bravery.

2. Where can I find a music disc in Minecraft?

Music discs in Minecraft can be found in various ways. They can be obtained as rare drops from Skeletons, Creepers, and Strays. Alternatively, you can also find music discs in Dungeon Chests, Minecart with Chests, or strongholds.

Explore different biomes, dungeons, and structures in the game to increase your chances of finding a music disc. Keep an eye out for potential enemies that drop these valuable discs and be prepared for a fight!

3. How do I place a music disc in a Jukebox?

To place a music disc in a Jukebox, you need to craft or obtain a Jukebox block in Minecraft. Once you have a Jukebox, simply right-click on it while holding the music disc in your hand. The disc will be placed inside the Jukebox and start playing automatically.

Make sure you have the Jukebox placed in a suitable location where you can attract and aggro hostile mobs. This will increase your chances of unlocking the Sound of Music Achievement.

4. How do I aggro a hostile mob in Minecraft?

To aggro a hostile mob in Minecraft, you need to attack or provoke them in some way. This can be done by hitting them with a weapon, shooting arrows at them, or using certain items or potions that cause harm.

Once you have successfully angered a hostile mob, make sure to position yourself near the Jukebox playing the music disc. The mob needs to be aggroed on you and within a certain range of the Jukebox for the achievement to trigger.

5. Can I customize the music playing in the Jukebox?

Unfortunately, you cannot customize the music playing in the Jukebox in Minecraft. The music discs come with pre-recorded songs that cannot be altered or replaced. Each music disc has its unique track, adding diversity and excitement to the game.

Enjoy the different tunes that each music disc brings and experiment with different combinations to create the perfect atmosphere while tackling hostile mobs!

Minecraft – Sound of Music Achievement Guide

To get the Sound of Music achievement in Minecraft, you need to collect all 12 music discs in the game. These discs can be found in various ways, such as exploring dungeons, mineshafts, or desert temples. Some music discs can even be obtained by trading with villagers. Once you have collected all 12 discs, you can play them in a jukebox to unlock the Sound of Music achievement.

It’s important to note that music discs have a chance of dropping when a creeper is killed by a skeleton, so you may also want to try setting up a trap to create this situation. Additionally, some music discs are more rare than others, so you may need to explore multiple locations and trade with different villagers to complete your collection. With patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to unlock the Sound of Music achievement and enjoy the melodic tunes of Minecraft’s music discs.

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