Fake GPS for PC – How to Download and Install for Windows and Mac

Security and privacy are two concepts that have gained tremendous popularity on the internet over the past few years. Interestingly, people seek to make posts, put calls across, and send text messages to others without leaving any trace behind. Several technological tools and devices have spurred this desire to stay invisible. Fake GPS for PC has aided the process significantly.

Though this app does not come readily attached to your Mac, PC, or Windows, it is compatible with Mac desktop or laptop and Windows. With such tools as emulators, you can efficiently run and install Fake GPS for PC.

The processes of download and installation can be quite tricky. The primary aim of this piece is to serve as an extensive guide through the processes.

What is Fake GPS for PC?

It is an application that allows you to tweak your location to any place in the world. As a user, Fake GPS enables you to conceal your actual location from others. According to reports gathered from its many users, the app can fool a real GPS by displaying the data of an entirely different area.

This 21st-century app allows you to perform a lot of magic. It may be funny, but that’s how it works and the primary reason many people choose to use it, especially when traveling. It gives you the privilege of going past traffic cameras without the camera catching picking your location.

Moreover, the chances of getting lost, especially when you’re traveling to a place for the first time, are pretty high. Hence, you might need some assistance to find your way around. Fake GPS for PC permits you to fake your directions to get help about where you’re going.

The exciting part of using this app is that it allows you to play funny tricks on your relatives and friends. You can screw things around with them without giving them the slightest clue about your location.

Can You Run Fake Gps on Your PC, Windows, Mac?

Running Fake GPS on your Mac personal computer and Windows comes is possible, and it requires no stress or technical expertise. All you need to know are the simple steps to bring the app up on your device.

Unlike smartphones that come with tons of iOS and Android apps, you hardly find any Mac desktop or laptop and Windows that supports the installation of Fake GPS for PC. However, having this app on your device is worth it. One of the most efficient approaches for achieving this is using Android emulators.

Why Do You Need to Download Fake Gps for PC?

Without mincing words, with as minimal as two clicks, you can change the location of your device to any part of the world. It depends on where you want to be at the moment. AndFake GPS location for PC allows you to do that without any setback.

You have more benefits to enjoy when you have Fake GPS for Windowsand Mac. While you continue to swipe left and right using your smartphone to look for a more extensive dating circle, just two clicks will earn you what you want via a PC.

Beyond the convenience and social glamour you tend to enjoy using the app, having it on your PC enables you to have an extra security and privacy layer. Whether you are setting out for a summer visit or planning to go on a ride to your dream city, you can disguise your locations easily. Your location remains unknown and cannot be tracked.

How to Install Fake GPS for PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Perhaps only Android smartphone and tablet users are more disposed to the Fake GPS application. The reason for that is not far-fetched since the app is only available on such devices. The Mac PC and Windows versions are not available yet.

That does not mean that having a fake GPS location on your personal computer is entirely impossible. The good news is that technology has made a lot of things easy. With the software (also hardware) known as Android emulators, you can download and install Fake GPS for PC.

As we advance, you need to know that downloading and installing fake GPS locations for Windows and Mac can be done in two ways. These two methods involve the use of:

  1. Bluestack Android emulator
  2. NOx player Android emulator

1. Method of Download and Install Fake GPS Free Using Bluestack

Ranging from Windows 7 to 10 and Mac desktops, Bluestack offers timely solutions to any problem that might come your way as you try to download Fake GPS on your personal computer. It is a handy Android emulator. To effectively use it, there are some steps you should follow. These steps are highlighted below:

  • Download the Bluestack Android emulator on your Mac PC and Windows from the official website available on Google browser.
  • Install it on your device by clicking on it twice.
  • A setup wizard will automatically come up. When it does, follow the installation instructions, and the emulator becomes ready.
  • Launch the emulator by clicking on the Bluestack icon displayed on the desktop.
  • Visit Google Playstore and search for fake GPS through the search bar.
  • Click on install following the app’s appearance from the available search results.
  • Installing it on your Windows or Mac desktop may take a few seconds. But once the installation finishes, it will be indicated.
  • The app is ready for use.

2. Method of Download and Install Fake GPS Free Using NOx Player.

NOx player is another perfect alternative to download and install FakeGPS locations for PC. The most attractive feature that comes with this emulator is its non-freezing capacity. Apart from that, it is light, efficient, and smooth. You have nothing to worry about if this is the first time you are trying to do this. NOx player is a convenient and easy option for newbies.

Also, it is extensive software. Its large capacity allows you to download and install any Android app, fake GPS location included, for Mac personal computer and Windows. The gradual steps you should take to facilitate quick download include the following:

  • Start by downloading the latest version of the NOx player on your Windows and Mac PC from the official website available on Google browser.
  • Expect the installation to complete after a few minutes.
  • Launch it by clicking on the icon displayed on your desktop.
  • Visit Google Playstore and search for Fake GPS through the search bar (the NOx player Android emulator comes with the Playstore icon to enable quick access).
  • If you access Playstore via the emulator, you will need your Gmail ID and password to download and install the app.
  • Following the app’s appearance from the available search results, click on install.
  • Wait for some seconds for the installation to complete.
  • You can begin to use the app.

Fake GPS Key Features

The rich features of Fake GPS for PC make it the best option to meet your security and privacy needs. It comes with optimum and excellent innovations and qualities. Some of these crucial features include:

Selection of Preferable Location

With the Fake GPS location for PC, you can choose any location across the globe. Your options are not limited to a particular country or continent. It offers you multiple choices, and the decision is all yours to make.

App Tests

You can run app tests to determine track users’ location. This makes it easier for you to change your location whenever you want to.

Bypassing App Restrictions

Another perk attached to Fake GPS for PC is bypassing app restrictions. It can do this due to its GPS location readability.

One-time Click

This is one of the crucial qualities that make this app popular and acceptable. All you need to do anytime and anywhere is a simple click, and it is ready for use.

Convenient and Fast

Speed and convenience are other qualities you stand to enjoy when you choose to use Fake GPS for PC. The app is also easy to use.

Fake GPS Alternatives for Windows and Mac

There are alternatives to the Fake GPS app for PC. So, if you do not want to choose it for your Windows or Mac personal computer, you might want to consider any of the options below.

1. Location Changer

Perhaps you do not want websites and other apps to track your actual location; this is the ideal option. It also allows you to alter your GPS location within a short time. It has other features such as detailed location information and data and status tools that enable spoofing.

2. GPS Emulator

GPS emulator is another easy and convenient alternative. It allows you to change your device’s GPS location easily. By simply clicking on a map, you can alter the location to any place you wish across the globe.

The app has a search tool to ensure quick navigation to complement its sophisticated design. The app changes your location to the new coordinate by simply entering your preferred city’s name.

3. Fake GPS Location

This follows almost the same design as the Fake GPS for PC. With just a few clicks, your device’s location can be altered, and you appear to be in another part of the world entirely. Apart from giving you access to choose any location globally, it also makes it possible for other apps to read your location. Also, it helps you to bypass location restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fake GPS for PC.

Despite the wide use of the Fake GPS for PC, there are still many questions available on the internet about the app. Some of these questions are in the paragraphs below. The answer to each question has also been attached to enable easy comprehension.

How do I fake a GPS on my computer?

Faking your GPS on your computer should be easy to do after you have downloaded and installed an Android emulator on it. Once the emulator is ready, you can go ahead to download the app from Google Playstore. After opening the app, put the name of any city of your choice, and it will automatically change your location to that city.

Does Fake GPS really work?

Of course, it works. This app is your best bet if you want to hide your actual location and pretend you are cruising along the Caribbean sea.

How can I fake my location online?

There are many ways you can do that. High-quality apps such as Fake GPS for PC, location changer, Fake GPS location, and GPS emulator allow you to fake your location online.

What is a location changer?

It is an alternative to Fake GPS for PC. It has features such as a search tool and rich location information/data.

How do you trick geolocation?

You can play with your device’s location with Fake GPS. Other alternatives include GPS emulator, Fake GPS location, and location changer. They serve similar purposes.

Wrap up

Due to its good ratings, fake GPS for PC is an excellent app you can choose to disguise your actual location. The app doesn’t come with your Mac and Windows PC, so you will need to download and install it using emulators. Alternatively, you can use a Fake GPS location or GPS emulator.

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