Can I Use Multiple Ebay Gift Cards At Once?

With the rise of online shopping, many shoppers have turned to eBay to purchase items from the comfort of their own home. And with eBay’s gift cards, shoppers can easily buy items from the store without needing to use a credit card. But what if you have more than one eBay gift card? Can you use multiple gift cards at once? In this article, we’ll answer that question and more, so you can make the most of your eBay shopping experience.

Can I Use Multiple Ebay Gift Cards at Once?

Can I Use Multiple eBay Gift Cards at the Same Time?

Yes, you can use multiple eBay gift cards when paying for purchases on eBay. eBay allows you to apply up to ten gift cards towards a single purchase. Each gift card must have a minimum remaining balance of $1.00 and a maximum of $100.00, and you can apply up to ten gift cards with a total value of no more than $1000.00.

When making a purchase on eBay, you can add your gift cards during checkout. You must enter each gift card individually, specifying the card number and the gift card’s PIN. The total amount of all gift cards you have entered will be deducted from your purchase. If the total amount of your gift cards exceeds the purchase price, the remaining balance will be applied to your eBay account for future use.

How to Add an eBay Gift Card

Adding an eBay gift card to your purchase is simple and straightforward. During checkout, you can enter the gift card number and PIN in the ‘Payment’ section. After entering the information, click on ‘Redeem’ to apply the gift card to your purchase. The amount of the gift card will be subtracted from the total price.

You can also add your gift card after you have completed your purchase. To do this, you will need to go to your ‘My eBay’ page and select ‘Payments’. You will then see a ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ option. Enter your gift card information and click ‘Redeem’ to apply the gift card to your purchase.

Where to Find the Gift Card Number and PIN

The gift card number and PIN can be found on the back of your eBay gift card. The card number is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters. The PIN is a 4-digit code that is printed on the back of the card. You will need both the card number and PIN to redeem your gift card.

What Happens if an eBay Gift Card is Lost or Stolen?

If your eBay gift card is lost or stolen, contact eBay Customer Service immediately. They will be able to cancel your card and issue a replacement. It is important to keep your gift cards secure and to never share your card number or PIN with anyone else.

Related Faq

Q1. Can I Use Multiple Ebay Gift Cards at Once?

A1. Yes, you can use multiple eBay gift cards at once. When you are ready to check out in your eBay shopping cart, you can enter up to five different gift card numbers. Each card must have a unique code, so you will need to input each code individually. You can also enter a combination of gift card codes and other payment methods, such as a credit card or PayPal. Once all of your payment information is entered, you can click the “Place Order” button. eBay will then process your payment and you will receive your items.

How to use two eBay gift cards together

Ultimately, it’s up to you as to whether you want to use multiple eBay gift cards at once or not. However, it’s important to remember that doing so will reduce your chances of earning any rewards points or cashback from the purchase, and that using multiple eBay gift cards can complicate the checkout process. Ultimately, the decision to use multiple eBay gift cards at once is yours and yours alone.

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